Welcome to Flipbook Selfies

Flipbook Selfies is a new way to create and share fun images with your friends. Record a video and instantly convert them into a Flipbook that can be shared on many social media platforms! Another fun way to share your story to the world!


Make you own Flipbook Selfies!

Generate Flipbook effects by using 20-30 photos utilizing your video in your device.


Share your Flipbook Selfies!

Share you Flipbook Selfie with your friends and family through social media websites.


Save your Flipbooks Selfies!

Save and share your individual frames from the Flipbook Selfies App to use later.


Follow your friends! (Coming Soon!)

Allow users to follow each other and share GIF images within the app itself.


Message your friends and family with a Flipbook Selfie (Coming Soon!)

Contact other users to show off your Flipbook Selfie by simply messaging them.


Send Flipbook Selfies to your friends on Facebook! (Coming Soon!)

Because Flipbook Selfies is tied into Facebook, you can easily send your friends your latest creation!



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